We all need
a story

About who we are, what we believe in
and how we want to contribute to the world

We all need
a story

About who we are, what we believe in
and how we want to contribute to the world


Building your brand story

Your brand story is made up of all that you are and all that you do. And we can help you identify and tell that story. In- and externally.

Managing PR

We write and we pitch! Press releases, background materials, blogs, columns etc. And we never send our texts out in the dark – but always always follow up.

Creating content

Content is crucial. You can define and differentiate yourself through content. We write and layout blogs, posts, articles, one pagers, online texts, interviews and white papers.

Producing videos

Online video content is how people are consuming and will continue to consume news and content in the future. We help shape, produce and distribute videos.

Navigating social media

We help build social media strategies, carry them out and maintain social media efforts.

Bringing visual identities to life

We help companies build or bring visual identities to life that amplifies the brand story.

Your story – your brand

We all need a story. About who we are, what we believe in, and how we want to contribute to the world. How we believe value is created and why we are unique.

At KOWERKER we can help you identify and tell that story. As a very significant way of building your brand. And finding the core of who you are as a company.

Your visual identity
– amplifying your story

Your visual identity should amplify the story of your brand and help the audience understand why they should engage with you. At KOWERKER we can help build your visual identity or help bring your existing visual identity to life.

Public Relations – impacting your success

Good PR takes effort. And it can have a huge impact on whether you succeed or not. Alerting media about your product or service and the resulting coverage can make or break your current effort.

In order to be successful in PR you need to learn about who is receiving your pitches. You need to understand your audience, and try to help those people understand why your story is unique and relevant to the world and them.

At Kowerker we have more than a decade of experience in finding, shaping and selling stories. We only sell stories, which we believe in and therefore we have a strong track record.


The world is digital. Business has become a real-time experience where we deal with a relentless stream of messages and communications. This offers an opportunity but also an obligation to remain relevant. And a risk of having your voice drowned out or making a misstep.
At KOWERKER we can help you navigate the digital landscape.

Social media – strategy vs tactics

You need a social media strategy that is connected to your broader business objectives like raising awareness or generating leads. ‘Double the number of followers’ or ‘reach x number of likes’ is a tactic – not a strategy.

Content – an opportunity

Good content is not a sell it is a service. And it is an opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relation with your audience. Valuable, relevant, and trustworthy content will help you tell and get buy-in to your story.